June 5, 2017

If you are running a large warehouse, workshop, factory or office, having the right shelving system can really make your business environment that much more organised and efficient. Business profits increase with productivity, and a workplace that is easy to navigate where you can actually find things quickly, also makes for a happier workforce.

Let’s take a look at some of the shelving and racking systems available that can lead to smart storage solutions for your business.

Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is a fantastic option for a wide range of applications including archive storage of documents, spare parts, tyres and general stock. Longspan is very easy to assemble, can be configured any way you like via adjustable beams and uprights, and the shelving can be of particle or melamine board, or steel mesh. Longspan shelving can be designed to fit any storage space small or large.

Pallet Racking

When running a busy warehouse with loads of palletised stock coming and going, pallet racking is the best option for storage. Pallet racking saves space where pallets can be stacked right up to the ceiling. To really get your business humming along, then pallet racking is definitely the best answer to your business’s space issues!

Cantilever Racking

Long stock or items like pipes, steel reinforcing rods or timber that takes up significant amounts of floor space should be stored on cantilever racking to free up room and also make the work environment more productive and safer. The cantilever arms can be adjusted to any height on the upright columns and is the perfect storage solution for rolls of carpet and floor covering and piping materials.

Retail Shelving

Retail is a business that often requires a lot of shelving and storage space for stock or products. One of the best options for retail shelving is to use Longspan shelving. This shelving system is just so versatile and can be adjusted to any height or width. Other shelving systems include gondola or supermarket style shelving typically used for food based retail stores.

Tyre Racking

There are several options to store large volumes of tyres. The least complex are tyre cages or stillages that can be stacked on top of each other to relatively high levels yet be easy to access. These cages are ideal for tyre wholesalers while smaller individual tyre retailers may prefer modified pallet racking or Longspan.

Qld Storage Systems

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