July 5, 2017

Even in the digital age many businesses still have stacks of paperwork that needs to be retained and archived. These documents could include customer invoices, purchase orders for suppliers, tax records and financial accounts. Did you know that most businesses need to retain records for 7 years while schools must hold student files for 30 years! Without an effective and efficient storage and retrieval system, documents will be misfiled, damaged or in many cases lost altogether.

Well designed office shelving and storage solutions can simplify the storage process and keep everything well organised. Having piles of boxes laying about the workplace or dumped haphazardly into a storage room or the boss’s garage is far from an effective archiving system and will cost any business time and money.

Get Organised With Archive Shelving

The term Archive shelving can actually apply to many forms of shelving. One common shelving design used for archive purposes is Longspan shelving. This type of shelving is really easy to set up and install while the uprights and beams are fully adjustable to suit any space or application. As a result, Longspan racking is a very cost-effective office storage solution.

EZIRack Longspan Racking is a very popular choice for Queensland businesses looking for the very best way to create an organised storage space for their business archives. Shelves can be made of budget-friendly particle board, white melamine board or steel mesh, depending on what your storage needs are. A full range of sizes are available to suit any storage room or storage purpose.

As Qld Storage Systems in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, we understand your business storage needs and we can offer archive storage solutions for all businesses. Our team of experts will advise you on the best course of action. We will work with you to design your storage space and install your archive shelving to professional standards.

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