August 5, 2017

Australian Safety Standards are applied to most things in business and one area of your operation that really needs to be compliant with the relevant Australian Standard is your pallet racking.

If you operate a factory or a warehouse that has pallet racking or you are planning on installing pallet racking – then it needs to be compliant with Australian Standard AS4084-2012. One of the key requirements of the 2012 Standard is that the safe management of the pallet racking is the responsibility of the business owner and recommend an annual inspection or audit. The audit covers a range of issues but most importantly it looks for any damage that may compromise the pallet racking and make it unsafe to use.

Will Your Business Survive a Pallet Racking Inspection?

A pallet racking inspection is where an experienced assessor periodically comes around to your workplace and inspects your pallet racking to make certain it is compliant with Australian Standard AS4084-2012. Any damage to the pallet racking is noted and assessed as to whether immediate action is required, or the racking can simply be monitored over time.

Qld Storage Systems can come to your workplace and perform a pallet racking audit to make certain your racking system is compliant in accordance with AS4084: 2012. We will assess your pallet racking and provide an Audit report and Correction Log that outlines any racking damage that will need to be repaired. This report will be a critical part of demonstrating your business’ commitment to a safe working environment for staff and the business generally.

There are also Safe Working Loads (SWL) to be considered, and our experienced team will let you know if any of your palletised items are exceeding these limits.

Another thing that needs close scrutiny are the beam connectors and safety clips. If any of these have been compromised through wear and tear, overloading, or simply by being bumped by a forklift, they will need to be replaced to ensure your pallet racking is compliant with AS AS4084-2012.

The pallet racking audit reports we prepare are accurate, very comprehensive yet easy to read and follow. If you need any repairs done or replacement parts to get your pallet racking system up to the standard it needs to be, Qld Storage Systems can help you out with that. We are pallet racking experts both in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Call 1300 Max Your Space (629 968) today for a pallet racking audit from Qld Storage Systems. We’ll help make sure you are compliant with the all-important AS4084-2012.