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Pallet Racking is the most common form of racking and storage systems used in warehouses in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

It is an ideal storage solution for a business that has many different products that are distributed in high volumes. Most often the products are packed onto pallets and then stored on Pallet Racking to free up floorspace yet enable easy and convenient access.
The Pallet Racking storage solutions offered by Queensland Storage Systems are simple, economical, and easy to use. As Pallet Racking comes in various sizes and dimensions, a custom floor plan can be created with ease, ensuring you get the storage solution that best suits your warehouse in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. All new racking supplied and installed by Queensland Storage Systems meets the Australian Standards AS4084-2012.

The other type of Pallet Racking includes Double Deep Pallet Racking and Drive in Pallet Racking which can store products up to four pallets deep, allowing for rapid dispatch of large, single-SKU orders.


  • 50% immediate accessibility with reasonable stock rotation
  • Good use of all available locations, typically above 90%
  • Safe and secure handling with the bottom pallet usually off ground
  • Ability to use double deep handling equipment for other tasks
  • Best used when each product line or SKU has several pallets
  • All pallet racking systems complies with Australian Standard AS4084-2012


EZIRack Longspan Shelving is the ideal storage solution for medium, larger sized and heavy products. Easy to assemble with fully adjustable uprights and beams creates strong and cost-effective shelving for virtually any application or workplace. Shelving can also be low cost particle board or melamine/plastic for drygoods or steel for specialist applications.

EZIRack Longspan is perfect for:

  • Medium or heavy duty hand loaded items
  • Archiving of documents, plans, files, or any boxed items
  • Tyres, tubes, and pipes
  • Cool room and some cold room application
  • Retail display shelving for medium or larger sized goods; hardware products and apparel amongst others

There is a great range of sizes available to suit your Brisbane or Gold Coast premises.
Longspan Shelf — Storage Solution in , QLD



  • Frame Height: standard at 2100mmH and 2400mmH with custom heights at 3000mmH, 3600mmH and 4200mmH
  • Frame Depth: standard at 450mmD, 600mmD and 900mmD or can be adjusted to suit
  • Beam lengths: standard at 900mmL, 1200mmL, 1800mmL and 2400mmL
  • Longspan Shelving material is typically 16mm MDF with other options including, PVC plastic, mesh, powder coated steel or plywood.
The Queensland Storage System’s heavy duty Longspan Shelving System is ideal for use in warehouses or garages, where full pallet racking is not necessary. Longspan Shelving is also an option for tyre racks, archive box storage and general office storage.

If you have products that you need off the floor, and a storage system that allows easy access to stock by staff, why not arrange a video quote with Queensland Storage Systems and we can let you know if Longspan Shelving is your best storage solution.
Call Queensland Storage Systems and let us help you get your Brisbane and Gold Coast Longspan Shelving installed and operating today!