Pallet racking audit

Two Man Auditing Pallet Rack — Storage Solution in , QLD

Safe & Compliant

The Australian Standards calls for regular safety inspections of all Pallet Racking to ensure that safety levels are maintained and your Pallet Racking continues to function within the manufacturer's original specifications.

Queensland Storage Systems' experienced team can perform Pallet Racking Audits for any sized warehouse or workshop. We will attend to your Gold Coast or Brisbane premises and perform a "floor level" inspection in accordance with AS4084 - 2012. A report and floorplan are then prepared, outlining any visible rack damage and what, if any, action is required to bring your Pallet Racking back to the recommended safety limits.
Queensland Storage Systems will assess and confirm that all safe working loads are currently being adhered to by your warehouse staff, and also confirm that the racking installation has not been altered in any way after installation that may compromise the safe use and operation of the Pallet Racking.

Finally, all connectors of beams and safety clips will be inspected to ensure that they are in place and in good condition.

Any Pallet Racking Audit report prepared by Queensland Storage Systems will be both comprehensive and accurate, allowing you to note and track any safety issues that need to be monitored or repaired.


This report can be the basis for subsequent audit demonstrating good practice in terms of warehouse operations.

If repairs are required, Queensland Storage Systems can also provide a quote for an experienced team to come in and repair any Pallet Racking, ensuring compliance with the Australian Standard AS4084-2012 is maintained.

Please note that all Pallet Racking Audit reports must be stored safely to ensure that you have a documented trail of all Pallet Racking Audits and when and where repairs were completed. If an incident occurs at your premises these records will be required demonstrate your compliance.

If you require a Pallet Racking Audit on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, call Queensland Storage Systems and let us help you today.