Work benches

Yellow and Blue Workbench — Storage Solution in Arundel, QLD

Custom designs

If your Gold Coast or Brisbane warehouse, factory, storeroom, cold room or garage is running out of room, let Queensland Storage Systems help you find some extra space and get you sorted, while saving you money with a cost effective and practical shelving, racking or storage solution that really works.

Let Queensland Storage Systems design and build your workbenches! Did you know that a properly designed and installed workbench is a storage solution that may actually increase the productivity of your business? No more time spent trying to assemble goods or pack orders on rickety benches while trying to find tools and prevent products and parts from falling onto the floor.

Queensland Storage Systems can provide you with the perfect workbenches that are ideal for your application or premises whether it’s a warehouse, industrial workshop or home based business in the garage.


Our workbenches can be configured to suit just about any environment or requirement. Fabricated by our experienced team using our unique designs, your business can have workbenches that are cost effective, strong and practical and fully relocatable.

Our workbenches are fully customisable as all the components can be fabricated to the perfect height and length that suits your height, application or work environment.
Call us and let us help in getting your Brisbane and Gold Coast workbenches installed today!